Monday, June 11, 2012

Recent Publications

I'd like to thank the good folks Ernest Hilbert of E-Verse Radio, Rusty Barnes of Fried Chicken and Coffee, and Jeni Stewart of Burlesque Press for publishing these works in the last two months. Not only are they awesome for publishing my work, they're just plain awesome. If you're not reading their magazines, you should be.

"Now is the Winter's End" and "Wedding Spring" at Burlesque Press

"Translated from the Greek (for Alicia Stallings)", "On the Sixth Day", and "This Fond Imprisonment" at Burlesque Press

"September" and "Rawhide" at Fried Chicken and Coffee

"Catullus 16 (Pedicabo)" (translation) at Burlesque Press

"Hemiplegia", "The Long Defeat", "Pushing the Muse", "The Wind & the Willow", "Winemaking", and "Contemporary Poetry" at E-Verse Radio

Enjoy and give these folks your love!