Thursday, September 4, 2008

An Interview and a smattering of politics

Granted, it was in response to an open call I found on World Class Poetry, but Bekki Bedow found it in her heart to post my interview.

Have fun!

If you are new here, check out the important posts on the right and, if you came to read my poems, I suggest that you go here, here, here (halfway down the page), here, and here. Thanks for reading!

In other news, because I support baby-wearing and breastfeeding, the slippery devil that is John McCain may, if and only if Florida looks to be a blowout, have gotten my vote because of Sarah Palin. Dangit. I was hoping to extend my perfect record of voting for the third party.

Before Obamanations and Raising McCains attack, though, I have to remind you that my politics are just shy of being a monarchical restorationist and I'm fairly certain that the presidency is one of the least important jobs ever. Also, I'm not voting for either of those crazies if my vote might put one of them in office.

Also -- post 42! w00t!


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