Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Because College Football is Awesome

That's right.
Go friggin Gators.

Florida is going to beat the pee out of Oklahoma.

OU scores 2.2 times as many points as its opponents.
UF scores 3.4 times as many.

OU has allowed 319 points by its opponents.
UF has allowed 167.

So UF outscores OU by 120%, and allows half as many points.

Oh, and the average defense rankings of the teams OU has played is in the 70s. Florida's defense is ranked 9th. And they're pretty awesome against the pass.

I smell a blowout.

In an average game, Florida scores six touchdowns (44 points) and OU scores seven-and-a-half (54).
Florida allows just two (13) and OU allows three-and-a-half (25).

I'm thinking OU gets about half of its regular score (54 ppg) and Florida gets about 125% of its regular score (44 ppg):

Florida: 56
Oklahoma: 28

Go Gators!

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