Thursday, April 23, 2009

Skipping High School

Can we finally admit that American public education is largely broken, outdated, anachronistic, and unnecessary?


Jeff said...

I think it is great that Jeremy Tyler has the option to skip out on high school and focus on his area of expertise. For any given student that is not motivated to be an engaged participant in the classroom, there should be no requirement for them to stay. Compulsory education is a travesty.

I'm sure he can take a high school equivalence exam of some sort.

The real depth of the depravity that is our government education system, is that its problems are not bugs in the system. They are failings inherently designed into the structure.

Here is a good article that lays bare the ideology behind government schools. We can only hope that primary and secondary education can respond to the same pressures as the universities.

For the record I am not optimistic in the least. The lowest common denominator approach we have now is well past the tipping point.

David said...

Actually it doesn't sound like the fellow plans to skip school, just take an alternative course of self directed study. Something that might do a lot of people more good than just showing up in a classroom and waiting for the designated teacher to wave a magic wand.