Friday, January 29, 2010

Things to come

Good day, Lovers of Poetry! I've just a brief newsy post for y'all--it's the run up to the blog's second anniversary, after all.

We'll be welcoming baby 3 near the middle of February. I've no idea what this means for blogging frequency as I can't really be said to blog with any frequency.

I'm always looking for great books to review. Contact me if you've got a great book of poetry recently out or out soon.

My doomsday clock of the death of poetry has been moved back a little lately. It's not that folks are all happy-cum-friendly about creating outstanding narratives and embracing a natural meter--though that's not holy-crap weird like it was nearly two years ago--just that the feelings seem to be swinging away from post-avant silliness. One can hope. I'm guessing that I'll get a better feel at AWP in April (who is going besides me? Post in the comments!).

That's about it for now. In short:


Heady times!


Patrick said...

//We'll be welcoming baby 3 near the middle of February//


A finer piece of poetry we'll never produce than our children.

Kirby Olson said...

Excellent to have baby 3. I will pray that there are no complications.

Good luck too with AWP.

I mentioned you in the blog post comments today over at LS.

Best, Kirby