Monday, July 19, 2010

News and Reviews

While six months is not the longest I've gone between reviews, it is the longest I'll go again.

Today's review of Ernest Hilbert's Sixty Sonnets marks the beginning of a new era for Strong Verse. If you care about my poetics and aesthetics, they're easily found on the links to the right. From today forward, I will concentrate on reviews, with a goal of producing two reviews a month.

One review will be of a collected works (shoot me an email to get into the queue) and the other will be of that month's issue of Poetry magazine, from cover to cover. The collected works reviews start today, the Poetry reviews will start when they send my first issue (note: I'm not reviewing the magazine in any official or knighted role--I just haven't had a subscription in years and renewed a few weeks ago).

I may pop in and make a fuss about politics or poetics in general, but I may not. I'll certainly make some noise when my new work can be found.

Enjoy the reviews, and buy the books!

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