Friday, December 7, 2012

Bespoke recordings

From the musician Mike Doughty comes the idea of "bespoke recordings" of music.

I don't know whether I'm appalled or amazed. A little of both, Henry, really.

I mean if, for $600, I could have a personal recording of, say, Sylvia Plath or T.S. Eliot reading something only for me. . .well, that would be pretty awesome. I might even be intrigued by some living poets who I won't embarrass by mentioning, though $600 might be too steep. Of course $600 for *anything* is generally too steep (the life of a poet and teacher, right?) but that this is even hinted at as a viable economic model is pretty damned impressive.

We should be selling the performance, the experience of poetry.

Why aren't we?

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