Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Overrated Writers and You

So Anis Shivani has a HuffPo article on the 15 Most Overrated American Writers.

On the one hand, we probably spend too much time tearing folks down. On the other hand, this is funny stuff--and while I like one poem from almost every poet he mentions, that's the only poem of theirs I like.

On the other-other hand, I wonder if I should start throwing up articles on Huff and see who reposts them.

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Anonymous said...

That article makes me sad. I doesn't seem like it will make anyone a more capable reader of literature. At most, people will feel more righteous and validated about whatever opinion they already had about these writers. There are certainly plenty of highly-regarded poets that I haven't gotten much from, but my life as a reader will be better - and usefulness as a critic would be greater - if I assume that this is my failure. This article seems motivated by resentment, and not a love of literature, let alone a desire to understand it.