Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blog reviewer needed

Howdy all,

The upcoming mag needs a blog reviewer. Theoretically we need an online publication reviewer -- but that could be split into two people -- one for blogs and one for rags. All the writers for the mag will have their own blog where they can post such things, but I'd also like a regular feature.

If anyone is interested in committing to writing at least one review of a literary(preferably) blog or online magazine every two weeks for a pay scale that may or may not work out, let me know. Maybe you can post a sample review as a comment to this.

Thanks all!


Claire Askew said...

Hello again,

I'd be really interested in getting on board with this, regardless of the pay situation. I know you've stopped by my blog a time or two so you should have seen my 'Featured Magazines' posts - in each I review one or two print, online or blog zines, obviously with my own demographic in mind. Have a look and see what you think - I'd definitely like to be considered for the job!


G. M. Palmer said...

And just like that, the job is taken :)

email me at strong



at gmail

and we can chat more.

Woo hoo!