Friday, December 4, 2009

A Poem

Forgive a bit of digression. This is also not an attempt at conversion. Please do read, however.

I don't know how you are on the belief scale. I follow Jesus.

30 minutes ago, I had the worst dream I had ever had. I dreamed I, and someone else, shot the 1-year old version of my oldest daughter (she is 5) and then had to fling her on a trash heap. I was wracked with weeping. I have never felt such depth of despair and sorrow. When I woke to find her still alive, I still couldn't shake the realness of the dream, so I prayed that I might forget the dream. I was clearly told that I could not forget it, that in fact I might as well be committing those actions because right now, representatives of my country -- who I pay for and educate -- are murdering babies halfway across the world. And I could not forget it because God is angry and God's people need to know that. I then wrote a very short poem. Here it is.

No peace;
No victory
is worth a murdered child.
We've got to stop the war today.

And then I wandered down here and posted this, after forwarding it to a few friends. At 3:42 in the morning.

Peace. We have to make it happen.

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J said...

We fought an idealistic war in Vietnam with our hands tied behind our backs by peace protesters. It got 50,000 of our men killed, and there was no good result. That's what fighting an idealistic war will get you.

Yr pal Sarge Kirby conveniently forgets that the US military killed approximately 3 million NV (civ. and military).

Olson's a flag-waving hysterical nut--even beyond the Limbaugh-types--and should be stopped, and made to STFU, asap.