Friday, January 11, 2013

Kickstarter: great for comics, great for poetry?

I put up a link yesterday to my Kickstarter: Film The Best Reading and After-Party Ever!

But I thought maybe you don't know what Kickstarter is.

It's a site that facilitates "crowdfunding" or "crowdsourcing" of projects. You donate to a project of your choosing and get rewarded for that donation. In my project's case, you're helping me to make a film and documentary of what promises to be an amazing reading in Boston. The rewards go from a .pdf of poetry to editorial help by amazing poets to a huge collection of signed works.

Please help us out!

The readers are:

Annie Finch
Erica Dawson
G.M. Palmer (me)
Heather O'Neill
Jessica Piazza
Michael Bobbitt
Nick Courtright
Rebecca Lindenberg
Tara Skurtu
Thaddeus Gunn

Thanks for your support!

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