Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A 250th post whine.

Clearly, I don't get Poetry.

A Don Share tweet led me to this poem which gave me apoplexy:

"The Gargantuan Muffin Beauty Contest."

Love is in the air, it’s in the whisper of the trees.

This is not America, this is the cover version:
sun, sex, sin, divine intervention, death and destruction,
welcome to The Sodom and Gomorrah Show.
All those white muffins trying to be black muffins!
Give us our daily muffin, save us from temptation.
Jimmy Buffett was singing, Why don’t we get drunk
and screw? In Times Square the most beautiful muffins
in the world were hanging on a thousand screens.
Where are my singing Tibetan balls? Am I dead?

I hope you recognize all the clever references and the oh-so-unsubtle allegorical use of "muffin."

In the immortal words of Liz Lemon, "what the what!?"

Please tell me what I'm missing. Because I see the work *I* write and the work of other folks I like and think "yeah, that's pretty good stuff." And some of it, truly, does appear in poetry.

And then I see this and ask "WHY GOD WHY?" Maybe I'm missing something.

Maybe it's just sour grapes. Poetry rejected these two poems, for instance. 

But if you've got some insight, I'd love to hear it. Maybe I'm not old enough or British enough, or something. Maybe my poetry sucks and I don't know good poetry from a muffin.

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