Thursday, February 7, 2013

My electronic newspaper

Now that the morning newspaper tradition is obsolete, what do you do to fill that void?

Here's my newspaper replacement routine:

Read the funny papers: Sluggy, QC, Penny-Arcade/The Trenches, OOTS, Erfworld, pfsc, xkcd, etc.

Update Literary Magnet. (You can participate by reading!)

Check my twitter since I follow a lot of folks who talk about literary news.

Check reddit, especially r/literature, r/cogsci, and r/redditdayof (I'm not going to link anyone to reddit if I can help it--that's your own black hole of information to discover).

Check the drudge report. I know it's a flaming pile of inflammatory screed BUT it's really a collection of news feeds and spares most commentary apart from headlines. If there's a neutral site that does this, I'd love to know about it.

Read the new posts on E-Verse Radio and CPRW.

See if Kirby has said anything fun at Lutheran Surrealism.

There are a few other sites I visit, but I go to these places nearly every day. Since Google handles most (if not all) the ad revenue on the sites that use it (note: no ads ever on Literary Magnet), it seems not that newspapers have died but simply Google has become the world's largest distributed (or dis-mastheaded) newspaper.

What do you read daily?


stu said...


Check my RSS feeds. There are about 50. Some Macintosh/Technology oriented (Daring Fireball, Ars Technica Infinite Loop, Slashdot), some humorous (There I Fixed It), News (BBC, NYT), "Our Gang" (Kirby, you, JH), Politics (Delong, Kos, TPM), and a shaggy miscellany of others.

Check the stock market (AAPL, mostly).

Read the comics: Joy of Tech, Doonesbury, Dilbert, Piled Higher and Deeper. I just added xkcd, which should have been there long ago. See if there's anything new on the Onion or Straight Dope.

G. M. Palmer said...

It's funny, I still don't know how to use those damned RSS feed things.

stu said...

You need a RSS reader. I'm currently using NewsRack on the Mac. I assume such things are available for Windows. This enables me to skim a lot of material, and dig where I want.

Say a prayer for Aaron Swartz while you're at it. He helped build RSS.

stu said...

BTW, didn't Drudge use up his 15 minutes of fame when he broke the Lewinski story?

G. M. Palmer said...

Ha! Probably.

But where else can I find headlines and no commentary from world and America news?

And you've got to admit the "outrage" pieces linked are nearly always funny.

stu said...


And this is why I read the Onion.